Guide to the world’s various Universal Basic Income schemes published.

study report

New report details basic income schemes from around the world, mapping 48 different schemes going back to 1968.

The report published on research site Visual Capitalist is a large body of information about all of the places where Universal Basic Income schemes have been introduced or tested. It provides a lot of data about where, when, why and how the schemes have been introduced. Showing them side by side provides the opportunity to evaluate the different approaches.

The report identifies a total of 48 basic income schemes from around the globe during various periods since the 1960s. Both the pros and cons of the idea are considered.  Some schemes were short-lived and some are ongoing today.

“It’s still too early to tell if UBI will live up to expectations or if the idea will fizzle out, but as new experiments and policy programs take shape, a growing amount of data will become available for policymakers to evaluate.”

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