UK unemployment remains steady in April

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Recent figures show the UK’s unemployment rate remained low in April 2020 staying at 3.1%

What does the unemployment rate show us?

It shows us what percentage of people are currently looking for work. The latest official numbers from the ONS* show that the number of us who are unemployed or working remained very similar in April to previous months.

The ONS report unemployment; the number of people in work (employed and self-employed); plus the number who are not working or needing/wanting to work (‘economically inactive’).

Here are the numbers;
• Unemployment for February to April remained at 3.1%; the same as the previous three months
• Total number working stood at 76.4%; down 0.1%.
• Total number economically inactive stood at 20.5%, up 0.1%.


Also see here for early numbers covering May

Sources & Notes

*The ONS are the Office National Statistics, who provide official data in the UK on the economy.

The official unemployment rate includes anyone looking for work and who is available for work. So, the numbers are not just people who are ‘signing on’. It includes people who may not be eligible for benefits as well as those who are. This group of people are called “economically active”. It does not include people who are not working but also are not available or looking for paid work, such as most full time students. The ONS use an international standard that is also used by many other countries around the world.