Academic calls for jobs guarantee scheme to help U.K. unemployed


Richard Layard, of the London School of Economics (LSE) has called in a blogpost for a jobs guarantee scheme to help U.K. unemployed.

He suggests preventing unemployment from happening in the first place should be the strategy the government takes. He argues that this would stem the numbers of unemployed. He also proposes part time roles as a positive way forward.

“As a starting point, unemployment benefits should stop after a year, and at that time there should be a guaranteed offer of work.”

He suggests that for young people a job should be available after six months rather than a year.

His idea is that the Government should subsidise placements for six months after which the hope would be that the job would continue, but if this didn’t happen another placement would be made available.

He refers to the Future Jobs Fund of 2009 as an example of where this type of scheme has previously been successful in the U.K.

“Moreover, the scheme’s impact was not just immediate – improving young people’s job prospects will positively affect their whole subsequent careers, with knock-on benefits for the whole economy. This is particularly important given that lockdowns were introduced principally to protect older people.”


“In practice, we need to start to find jobs for people as soon as furloughing ends, starting with those who will be the most difficult to place. The case is made even stronger by the fact that this recession was largely created by the government, unlike other recent downturns. We need to act very soon – or we shall regret it later.”

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