UK Retail sales hit record low.

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Recent data shows the volume of sales made in UK shops hit a record low.

What are the figures?

In April, sales fell by 18.1%. This followed a fall of 5.2% in March.

Some examples of specific areas are;

  • Medical Goods fell by 67%
  • Watches & Jewelry fell by 65%
  • Computers fell by 51%
  • Clothing fell by 50%
  • Cosmetics and Toiletries fell by 31%
  • Food fell by 4%

Did any areas increase sales?

Online shopping increased by 18% and alcohol increased by 2%.

Pandemic response appears to be the cause.

According to the ONS;

“April 2020, all measures had record declines (from 1988 when records began) for both value and volume retail as many stores paused trading from 23 March following official government guidance during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Sources and Notes

The ONS is the official UK government agency for statistics.

Some percentages rounded. Full details from ONS.