UK Retail Sales back up in May

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Recent data shows sales made in UK shops were up in May compared to April.

What are the figures?

In May, sales increased by 12%, which followed falls in April and March.

  • Total sales up 12%
  • Hardware and Home Improvement sales up by 42%
  • Fuel up by 2.7%
  • Non Food stores up by 5.9%
  • Food stores down by 0.2%

So the monthly amount sold increased compared to April. However, total sales are still down by about 13% since February.

The amount we shop online also continues to increase.  Almost a third of our shopping is now online.

According to the ONS;

“Retail sales partially rebounded from the significant falls seen over the last two months, although total sales were still well over 10% down on February.  It was another record month for website orders with a third of sales now online, as many retailers expanded their internet presence. May also saw a considerable rise in fuel sales as some easing of restrictions meant more traffic on the roads.”


Sources and Notes

The ONS is the official UK government agency for statistics.

Some percentages rounded. Full details from ONS.