UK jobs vacancies fall by 210,000

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According to the ONS*, and the most recent numbers available, the number of job vacancies in the UK fell by 210,000 in early April compared to a year earlier.

How big a fall is this?

The number of available jobs is known as the number of job vacancies. The ONS measure this number every month.

A year ago, there were 847,000 vacancies.

  • For the most recent period, there were 637,000 vacancies.
  • Vacancies have fallen by 25% from a year ago.
  • This is the biggest drop since June 2009, which was during the recession following the ‘Credit Crunch’.

According to Jonathan Athow of the ONS, these figures are a direct result of meaures taken to combat the Covid 19 pandemic;

“We …saw very large falls in vacancies in the economy, so employers look to be cutting back on hiring dramatically”

Sources & Notes


*The Office for National Statistics, or ONS, is the official UK government agency that provides data for the UK.