Union and Employers Say UK Government Support Needed For Electric Vehicles

Car makers body, the SMMT, and Unite, the trade union representing most auto industry workers, have called on the UK Government to support Electric Vehicle production.

A survey by the manufacturer’s group, the SMMT, found many consumers were interested in electric cars but worried about the practicalities of driving such a vehicle.

For example, the lack of charging points.

Mike Hawes of the SMMT stated;

“Manufacturers are working hard to make zero and ultra-low emissions the norm and are committed to working with government to accelerate the shift to net zero – but obstacles remain…

Until these vehicles are as affordable to buy and as easy to own and operate as conventional cars, we risk the UK being in the slow lane, undermining industry investment and holding back progress.”

Des Quinn of Unite had this to say;

“First and foremost support needs to be provided for all UK automotive manufacturers to be building electric vehicles in the UK. Giving tax breaks and discounts to electric models made overseas is ultimately self-defeating and could affect UK jobs…

It is absolutely imperative that the government urgently enacts a comprehensive programme of investment in electric vehicle infrastructure, including expanding the network of fast charging points…

Until drivers are reassured that they can recharge their cars when they need to and they won’t be left stranded miles from home, sales of electric vehicles will not increase significantly.”

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Image from SMMT release; Fergus Burnett. silverskymedia.eco