UK car production drops again as 13,500 auto jobs are lost

SMMT UK car production falling

UK car production fell again in August, falling by nearly 45%, as the economic impact of Lockdown continues to hit the auto manufacturing sector.

What are the figures?

  1. Car manufacturing fell by 44.6% compared to August last year.
  2. 51,039 cars were made, compared to 92,153 a year ago.
  3. Only 7,753 cars were made for sale in the UK.  The rest are for export markets.
  4. So far this year, total production is down by 40.2%.  
  5. 13,500 jobs have been lost
  6. Total losses amount to £9.5 billion.

Mike Hawes, representing Car makers, said;

“These are increasingly disturbing times for UK car makers and suppliers with the coronavirus crisis weighing heavily on the sector. Companies are bracing for a second wave with tighter social and business restrictions making the industry’s attempts to restart even more challenging…

…Companies need to retain skilled jobs and maintain cashflow and we may need more support to boost business and consumer confidence later this year. Moreover, with fewer than 100 days until the Brexit transition period ends, we need urgent agreement of an ambitious free trade deal with our largest market to avoid the second shock of crippling tariffs.”


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The SMMT is the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. They represent most auto manufacturers in the UK.  Image from SMMT press release.