UK car manufacturing down by 43%

UK car industry sales down

UK car manufacturing down by 43% plus 11,000 car industry jobs lost in economic downturn.

What are the figures?

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT);

  • UK car production is down by 43% compared to this time last year.
  • That equals a reduction of 285,000 cars.
  • 11,350 job losses have also taken place.

For the month of June, the total number of cars made was about 57,000 units.  This was a big improvement on April and May; however this still meant that in June only 48% of the normal month’s new car manufacturing took place.

What do the car makers and unions say?

So, UK car manufacturing is down by 43% for the year so far.  According to Mike Hawes of the SMMT;

“These figures are yet more grim reading for the industry and its workforce, and reveal the difficulties all automotive businesses face as they try to restart while tackling sectoral challenges like no other. Recovery is difficult for all companies, but automotive is unique in facing immense technological shifts, business uncertainty and a fundamental change to trading conditions while dealing with coronavirus”.

For the car unions, Steve Turner of Unite stated;

“Thousands of jobs have already been lost, and thousands more are at risk, hurting communities and diminishing the capacity, skills and experience the sector is built on. The simple truth is that we need the automotive industry and its workers if the UK is to turn the challenges ahead into successes.
The German government has taken action, it’s support for short time working during the fall out from the financial crash in 2008 safeguarded 450,000 jobs that are the bedrock of its auto-industry and along with Spain and France has announced a support package for the sector now to do so again. UK ministers must now back Britain, look to the country’s future and do the same.”

Both organisations also referred to the current Brexit negotiations as another area of concern.

Want to learn more?

You can read the SMMT press release here; and the Unite press release here.

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Graphic sourced from SMMT press release.  Some numbers rounded to make the article easier to read.  Full details in the SMMT press release.  The SMMT are the trade body that represent most of the UK’s car industry.