Toyota UK hit record sales in June with Hybrids

Toyota UK sales

Toyota UK hit record sales in June, despite sales falling by a third elsewhere.  Hybrid models seem to have driven this achievement.

What are the numbers?

Overall, UK car sales were down a third according to the motor trade body, the SMMT*.

Toyota UK hit record sales in June.  This went against the trend, giving them a record month.

  • 11,638 car sales
  • 2.7% increase on the previous year
  • 12,447 total sales including vans, a record for June

Hybrid sales increase

Toyota commented that sales of hybrid vehicles seem to have driven the increase.  Hybrid cars have both petrol and electric powered engines.  Hybrid sales accounted for;

  • 63.7% of Toyota car sales
  • 99.7% of Lexus car sales (Lexus is the Toyota ‘luxury’ brand)

According to Paul Van der Burgh of Toyota;

“…the compelling quality of our growing range of self-charging hybrids have combined to deliver the perfect foundation for further growth in the months ahead.

More than ever, consumers want to be sure they are making the right choice, and they are increasingly putting their faith in our hybrids.”

Notes and Sources

Toyota Press Release

Image from Toyota

SMMT is the Society of Motor Traders and Manufacturers, representing the UK car industry.