Scottish Report calls for Citizens Basic Income pilot


A Report funded by the Scottish Government proposes a pilot scheme for Citizens Basic Income.

We have previously mentioned the ideas being discussed about Citizen Basic Income here.

What does the report say?

The possibilities of a Citizens Basic Income, or CBI, could be a policy response to poverty, inequality, precarious employment and a focus on promoting wellbeing. The Report aims to provide useful insights to the debate. It is hoped that the findings of the feasibility study contribute to the wider discussion on Scottish society and the economy, as well as help identify actions which may support ambitions in relation to basic income or social security reform.

How would this be done?

The pilot scheme would be run over three years and it would be implemented in two areas. This would allow for two payment levels of CBI; payments in one area set at around the level of benefits, and a higher level, set at the 2018 Minimum Income Standard (MIS) produced by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Then the outcomes could be compared.

Is the pilot going ahead?

It’s possible, but there are significant hurdles identified by the report. Implementing the payments alongside existing social security arrangements would be very complex.

Sources & Notes

The campaign can be found at

The report is linked here;