Official UK Covid-19 Estimates – 18th September

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The ONS are running a testing programme, with thousands of volunteers, which is used to estimate the number of people in England and Wales who currently have the Covid-19 virus.

The survey estimates that currently, the number of people with Covid-19 is as follows;

  • In England, 0.11% of the population or 59,800 people.
  • In Wales, 0.05% of the population or 1,500 people.

In England, the survey took 208,730 tests.  136 people from 118 households tested positive.  For Wales, the survey tested 8,517 people, with 3 positive results.  The Incidence Rate is then estimated using standard modelling techniques from these results.

Overall, the survey shows the number of people affected is increasing in England and remaining stable in Wales.

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The survey does not include any testing in hospitals or care homes, nor does it take account of any potential symptoms.  The most recent survey was published on 18th September and covers the week commencing 4th September.  The incidence rate in this survey measures how many people have the virus, and is not to be confused with the reproduction rate, called the ‘R rate’. The ‘R rate’ is the average number of additional infections produced by one infected person.

You can read the ONS press release here.

The ONS are the Office for National Statistics and are the official UK Government agency for statistics and data.

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