Nissan confirm Sunderland plant will not close

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Nissan, the car manufacturing company, have recently confirmed their Sunderland car factory will not close, safeguarding the jobs at the factory.

What has been happening?

Nissan announced they were carrying out a global review of all their car plants, to decide what countries they would operate in, and what car models they would be selling, in the next few years.

This was seen to be an important decision as the Nissan car plant is one of the biggest in Europe, employing thousands of workers in the North East of England.

So throughout the world, some plants will close and some will remain open.  The UK factory at Sunderland is staying open.  The Spanish plant in Barcelona is closing.

What have Nissan said?

Nissan’s statement confirmed;

“In Western Europe, we will maintain production of core models at our UK plant in Sunderland and improve efficiency. We considered various measures for the Barcelona Plant, and although a very difficult decision, we intend to close the plant and we will begin discussions and preparations.”

What do the Unions say?

This is from Steve Bush, Unite trade union official;

“We are seeking clear assurances from Nissan that the cost cutting measures spoken about will not impact on our members’ jobs, terms and conditions or other benefits at Europe’s most efficient plant, Sunderland.
We have made it clear to Nissan that any attempt to do this will be fought by the union and a loyal, world class workforce. There needs to be a full consultation with Unite to ensure that any rationalisation or restructuring of the business is done in a way that protects jobs and the financial security of our members as well as the long-term future of the plant.
The loss of the jobs of our Spanish colleagues is a regrettable reminder that automotive manufacturing is facing tremendous challenges. We send our solidarity to our colleagues in Barcelona and want to assure them that we will support all their efforts to defend their jobs.”


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