Government excludes businesses from Kickstart job scheme

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Update 20/09/2020.  In a compromise, the Government have agreed that small businesses can access the scheme via a ‘National Gateway Organisation’.  Small businesses are still excluded from accessing the scheme directly, but can join a third party scheme to do this for them.   Original article continues below…

In a surprising move, the government excludes most businesses from the kickstart job scheme.

The scheme has been designed to help employers take on training and work placements for young people.

However an employer will have to take on on a minimum of 30 trainees to qualify for the scheme.

This rule means that most of our businesses will not be able to offer the scheme.

The reason for this is that most businesses are smaller companies who cannot take on this many new trainees at once.  Therefore only large companies will be able to access the kickstart job scheme directly.

The Federation of Small Business, (FSB) who represent smaller companies have said the following;

“The kickstart scheme aims to help young people into work but many small businesses will be disappointed to see today’s announcement which feels more aligned to the needs of larger businesses…

…Small firms, who are the largest employers across the business landscape, have long expressed interest in this scheme and will be disappointed to find it harder than expected to take part. To put it bluntly, this scheme has not been designed with small businesses front of mind.”

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