Furlough claims top £26.5 billion

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Furlough claims top £26.5 billion, according to official data, up to the end of June.  That figure is the total amount claimed under the UK scheme.

What are the numbers?

  • £26.5 billion paid out in total so far.
  • 9.4 million individual furlough claims made by employers.
  • 1.14 million employers have made a claim.
  • 17 year olds are most likely to have been furloughed.
  • West Midlands has the highest number of furlough claims.
  • Smaller businesses most affected.

The furlough scheme, or Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme as it is officially called, started on 1st March, and is still going.  The details of the scheme are changing over time.  For June, employers could claim 80% of an employee’s normal wage.

The scheme was introduced to support the jobs market due to the economic impact of Covid and lockdown on company sales and turnover.

The figures above cover the totals claimed since the scheme was launched up to the end of June.  These are the latest numbers available from the government.

How many jobs are still on Furlough.

The answer is no one actually knows!  The government have not released these numbers broken down into months.  This is probably because employers can make multiple claims across different months.  For example, an employee might be furloughed, be brought back to work, then be put on furlough again.

We do know the total amount of furlough claims top £26.5 billion overall.  The data does have more details about the amount paid out.  So we do know that the total amount paid out in June alone was £9 billion.

Want to learn more?

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