Car industry redundancies for employees at Jaguar


Car industry redundancies are likely for 2,200 employees at JLR according to the Unite union.

What are the jobs affected?

The workers are employed by logistics company DHL.  They work on a DHL contract for JLR (Jaguar Land Rover).  Most of the affected jobs are in the North West and the Midlands.

What are the union saying?

Unite state that up to 40% of the jobs may go out of 5,500 employees.  DHL have informed them that some of the car industry redundancies are due to the economic effects of the Lockdown, and some are due to efficiency savings.

According to Unite official, Matt Draper;

This is a massive, bitter blow for a dedicated workforce… Unite has not yet received any details of how DHL intends to make 50 per cent of the proposed redundancies through efficiency savings but we are making abundantly clear to DHL that they will not be able to force these workers to undertake impossible workloads as they show other workers the door.


While DHL is the employer, the reality is that the workers perform their roles for JLR. JLR has a moral duty to ensure that workers are treated fairly and decently during this incredibly difficult and stressful time.


DHL must not attempt to make permanent full-time staff redundant while continuing to outsource work to sub-contractors.”

Previous redundancies also announced at JLR

There was a similar announcement in June affecting 400 employees working for Manpower also at JLR.

Notes & Sources

Unite are a trade union that represent car industry workers.  JLR is the name for the car maker Jaguar Land Rover.

At the time of writing, there does not appear to be a press release from JLR or DHL.

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