Canadian arts group calls for Universal Basic Income 

The Canadian arts community have become the latest to call for a Basic Income.  An open letter to the Canadian government calls for a Basic Income to tackle the impact of the ‘gig economy’.  We have previously covered some of the ideas around Universal Basic Income here.

What are they saying?

The authors claim the impact of the Pandemic has led to more job insecurity and worry.  As a result, many people are more concerned about their jobs and income.  They feel that;

“In these unprecedented times, millions of Canadians, including those in the arts and culture sector… are all vulnerable to unexpected changes in circumstances and… hardships.  Poverty can become a reality for all of us, abruptly, without warning. “

Why has this come from the arts community?

They believe the growth of the gig economy and short term contracts are making it difficult for artists to gain a reliable income;
“The gig economy is undermining decades of worker protections… many arts and culture sector workers are subject to precarious short-term contracts, without access to benefits, paid sick leave, or even employment insurance.”

What do they hope a UBI will achieve?

They outline that the coronavirus pandemic is causing more poverty. They believe providing a Universal Basic Income will allow everyone to live with dignity, and to participate in society regardless of their work status.

Want to learn more?

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