Amnesty slam official response to Covid-19 for Care Home residents and staff

study report

Amnesty UK have released a 50 page report that lists what can only be described as a damning catalogue of failures affecting Care Home residents and Staff.

According to Amnesty, public policy decisions led to increased fatalities and the loss of basic human rights for Care Home residents.

The report states;

  • 18,562 Care Home residents have died to date of Covid-19
  • 13,844 of these deaths took place in Care Homes
  • 25,000 patients were discharged from hospital into Care Homes without any testing
  • Official policy up to early April was that no testing was required before sending residents home from hospital
  • Official policy up to early April was that no additional PPE was required in Care Home settings
  • Residents were denied access to hospital and health care
  • Symptomatic residents could not obtain access to testing for Covid-19
  • ‘Do Not Resuscitate Orders’ being placed in residents records without patient or family consultation
  • Blanket refusals to allow visits for residents even from partners and close family members


According to Kate Allen of Amnesty;

“The Government made a series of shockingly irresponsible decisions which abandoned care home residents to die.

Discharged without being tested, thousands of older people were sent to care homes at great risk to themselves and other residents and to staff.

The appalling death toll was entirely avoidable – it is a scandal of monumental proportions.”

Statistically, at NewsBrokerUK we also note that the Covid-19 fatalities in Care Homes referred to above are a massive 44% of the total UK fatalities from Covid-19 to date. (04/10 figures total UK deaths 42,350).

Want to learn more?

You can read more on the Amnesty website here.

Find out more about NewsBrokerUK here.


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