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UK economics reporting – Remember the ‘good old days’?!

OK, there’s no such thing! However, although it seems almost a myth now, UK newspapers and news bulletins used to provide something called actual “News”. Although not perfect, they often did their best to tell us, the people, about what was going on in the world.

TV Newsreaders were usually strictly impartial. ‘Tabloid’ Newspapers were biased but were upfront about it. ‘Serious’ papers were often careful to separate news reporting from their own opinion.

As a result, censoring the news was considered undemocratic. Principled journalists often risked their careers to find out the truth about government activity.  Almost all news outlets upheld the right of Free Speech.

How the world has changed!

Some journalists and editors still try and remain objective. But this is becoming increasingly rare.

Most of the time, informing us about UK and world events is now a secondary objective. Instead, the “narrative” or “messaging” is deemed to be more important than the news itself.  So Instead of objective reporting, we are now subjected to a murky world of spin, bias, “fact checking”, opinion, doublespeak and groupthink.  Sometimes it’s almost like we are not allowed to think for ourselves anymore.

If you’ve had enough of being told what to think, NewsBrokerUK is for you!

Our reports will provide you with;

  • The source of the information or quotes therefore you can confirm the details yourself.
  • Short, bitesize reports or articles that summarise a news item.
  • Facts and figures you can check for yourself.
  • Public comments from politicians, economists, trade unionists, campaigners, and business organisations. We will not report on speculation, anonymous quotes, or rumours.
  • Where we find interesting news articles elsewhere, we will share those with you and encourage you to read the original article

Can a news blog really be neutral?

We are independent and will not show support for any political party or organisation.  However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have values.  We will use our values to help us get the news across in an objective way that means you, the reader, can make up your own mind.

We believe in;

  • Democracy
  • Freedom of thought, opinion and speech.
  • Respect and Equality.
  • Self Determination.
  • Objectivity

Current NewsBrokers;

Editor and Contributor – Paul Davis.

Contributors – Dawn Walling.  Raj Aghwal.

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