30% of the UK workforce on Furlough scheme

30% of the UK workforce are on the Government Furlough scheme.

What is the Furlough scheme?

This is where an employer is subsidised by the UK Government to pay most of the wages of an employee.  It is used as an alternative to making someone redundant. The scheme was introduced as part of the response to the Covid 19 Pandemic as the country went into Lock-down.  The scheme only applies to employees, not the self-employed.  The Government pay 80% of the wage bill, which is set to change soon.

What are the numbers?

So, the total percentage of the UK workforce on the Furlough scheme at the moment is 30%, however this varies dramatically according to what industry someone works in.  According to the ONS* the percentage on Furlough in each area is;

  • Food and Accommodation – 80%
  • Arts & Leisure – 78%
  • Construction – 37%
  • Transport – 35%
  • Administration – 34%
  • Property – 28%
  • Manufacturing – 26%
  • Motor Trade – 24%
  • Scientific & Technical – 15%
  • Communication – 13%
  • Water & Waste – 11%
  • Education – 11%
  • Health & Social Work – 8%

How many of us have been on Furlough?

As of the latest figures from the Government, roughly 9 million of us across 1 million employers have been on the Furlough scheme.

Sources & Notes

*The ONS are the official UK statistics provider.

Some figures are rounded to make the article easier to read.  Full details at;