10% of employees still on Furlough

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According to official numbers, 10% of employees are still on Furlough.  The Office for National Statistics has released the latest weekly indicators on how Covid & Lockdown are affecting the UK.

Here are some of the main points;

  • 10% of employees still on Furlough
  • 29% of those still on Furlough are receiving reduced pay
  • 11% of businesses say they are at serious risk of going bust
  • Company closures are starting to increase
  • Almost half of VAT registered companies are delaying VAT payments to the Government
  • Traffic has increased back up to similar pre Lockdown levels
  • Travel to work is increasing and is now a 60% of pre Lockdown volumes

Want to learn more?

You can read the ONS press release here.

The ONS is the Office for National Statistics, and is the official government agency for UK stats.

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